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An explosion is a place.

When one thinks of a place,
one may think of a building,
or a parking a lot,

A room with a television,
a sandy beach
or a garden.

These are all nice places.

But I want you to think of another place,
that is, an explosion.

An explosion is a place.

People tend to forget,
or are ignorant,
of this very important place.

Many people live there.
The rules of time need not apply here.
The people who live there are not bound to any past, present, or future.
Actually they live in all of them at once.

They do not choose to live there,
but they must,
in order for you to live in your place.

Sometimes I think it is humorous that millions
are scurrying to and fro, comforted by a passionate self-assurance,
painfully oblivious to the consequences of their confidence.
and that is alright, you know.
But it is humorous sometimes.
Not all the time, though.

That is why we need new maps.

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