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seafood only diet.

"They are very racist down there, you can see it in there eyes.
It's very bad.
I had trouble with this, even though I am not black,
it doesn't matter...they don't like us too you know."

"All of the guys would have big barbecues with lots of meat,
which I didn't eat of course.
I just ate fish. Lots and lots of fish, grilled or broiled,
and it was good of course."

"I met this one friend, he was a black man, a very good man.
He was Muslim, and he had a nice family. He owned a restaurant.
So I would eat with them, because they ate halal meat, and I
didn't have to eat fish all the time anymore.
He was such a good man."

"But you don't know how much they don't like the blacks down there,
it wasn't right. I made such good friends, we took care
of each other, you know."

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Adam said...

Hey Ali

Found your blog through sandy through ben.

I have recently been addicted to Halal food because I got sick of all the food from work. But now I'm starting to get sick of chicken and lamb over white sauce because I eat it once, sometimes twice a week.