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What can you do?

Well I find myself in a very annoying situation right now. It doesn't look like I will make it to Lebanon at all, and now I have to make some quick decisions about this project. Where else should I go? What else should I do? This is a crucial week.
Why can't people leave Lebanon alone anyhow?
The country is so tiny, it's smaller than the state of Connecticut! Yet you have all this commotion over it...I mean the world's 5th most powerful military (Israel) invaded it twice, the President of the most powerful nation in the world mentions it regularly, all this hype and talk...this is ridiculous! The place is barely 60 miles wide!
But I am failing to mention Lebanon's geographical wild's mountains. In recent work I have fixated on this geographic feature.
It doesn't look like I'll be experiencing these mountains firsthand anytime soon, which is really irritating.
My grandma returned from Lebanon recently...nobody is traveling much within and they are keeping a self-imposed 8pm curfew.
So the economy is destroyed more than it already was.
Somewhere somebody has to be happy about this (!?)

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