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The Ghost of Henry Ford

well I should get on with this already!
I've been somewhat hibernating for the past few months, not literally of course, but artistically. Mostly I have been piling together quite a bit of my creative output from the past 3 years, much of it never put to use properly.

So there's potential.
It's just waiting to come alive.

What's been missing is dialogue, discussion, contemporaries. Ever since "graduating" from Alfred (more like skipping town then getting my diploma in the mail a few months later), it's been a mad rush of madness, and then some.

Well, enough of that.
Detroit sits before me, teeming, vibrant, angry, hungry to be put to use.
It's a bizarre place too, miserably happy,
and forsaken by the ghost of Henry Ford.
There's much work to do, and I will try my best to keep some sort of record of it here, or maybe just pictures of things that I think are interesting, or how about just everything?

seeyou tomorrow.

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